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You stirred up my curiosity about the details though, tell! What alloy? (WW's, 20/1?), what load? Did you recover the [bullet]? -Edward429451
But don't heat treat your bullets..You want them on the soft side..-savagelover

Thanks, guys.
It's 50/50 clipon/stickon over 46 grs RL7, 210M primers. Did not recover [bullet].
The only reason I heat treated the [bullets] is that I suspected they may be more accurate and they were, for some reason. Don't know why, didn't have time to explore it more fully but I will soon. It hasn't been helpful with the .35 and .32 [bullets], I'd like to keep them softer anyway. I don't feel the .45-70 needs to expand to be effective on deer and hogs, I think a hard [bullet] may be helpful if I want to break shoulders to anchor a big hog.
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