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Originally Posted by hogdog
I don't think the baffling in a suppressor would be capable of slowing a high speed round to sub-sonic speed.

I do know that sub-sonic ammo is quite quiet and the few times I heard a couple sizes of higher speed rifle rounds, the report was VERY significantly reduced to levels that I think would have much less affect on the wildlife and game critters compared to unabated muzzle blast.

Modern day suppressors don't slow the bullet they actually aid in velocity. And yeah hunting with subsonic ammunition isn't recommended. With todays suppressors with titanium baffles there aren't really any downfalls unless your using a gas gun or counting the fact the suppressor actually degrades over time, you might can throw length increase in there i guess. Suppressors advantages include recoil reduction, flash suppression, gain in velocity, and obviously sound suppression.

It's completely legal to hunt any game here with a suppressor, as i'm not sure why it wouldn't be. I see people take deer, hogs, coyotes, etc. with suppressors all the time, not only is practical as hunter (no hearing damage) but its also very efficient.

Only downside to a suppressor is the wait, paying a 200$ tax, and having to go through all the BS. None the less i'm going through it all in 15 days, cause yeah i want my SBRs, Suppressors, and all that stuff each state should allow.
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