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I have fired a warning shot since I retired in 2004.

I was threatened by a couple of guys, on my own property, when I asked them to leave.

Because of my condition (I am no longer the fine speciman of what a man should be, but I am still good looking! ) I can not and will not take a beating from anyone.

When one of the guys approached me, threatening to beat me with a pipe, I put one shot into the ground between him and I. I went on to explain the next one would be between his eyes and the third shot would be in the second guys head.

They called me a few names as they took off and left my property.

I am a firm believer that warning shots should never be used just to scare people off. If you are going to fire a warning shot, you must be prepared to follow-up with a shot that could kill someone.

I get people who are looking for anhydrous ammonia so they can cook their meth. They seem to think that my drive-way is a short cut back to the highway. (They always seem to carry empty one gallon milk jugs or small, lunch box coolers with them in the front seat.)
Inside Every Bright Idea Is The 50% Probability Of A Disaster Waiting To Happen.
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