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In the eighties, and nineties, the rifle I killed most of my deer with, was a Remington 700 in 3006. The load I used was a handloaded 150 grn Ballistic Tip, setting over a weight of 58 grns of IMR 4350. Every animal that I shot with this load went down quickly, like a hammer struck them. When I was lucky enough to find a bullet in them, it was usually in the "off side" shoulder skin. Most of the bullets usually fell in two pieces, the jacket and the lead core.
The energy that they unleashed in the bullet tunnel was sometimes overdone to an extent, sometimes the bullet traveled through completely only leaving a hole about the size of a quarter.

The Ballistic-Tip was designed for accurate long-range harvesting of game, and it did its job well, on these Missouri whitetails.
I started, this very year, using a .270 win as my primary Deer rifle, and I use another bullet from Nosler the Accubond, which has a bonded core, an penetrates a little better than the Ballistic Tip.
The results are super when accurate "shot-placement" is adhered to.
So yes, Rifleman1776 you got just what you paid for in performance from that bullet, and the damage you were trying to name is called hemmorage.
Thanks for coming!

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