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Yeah...That is pretty much right

I started back into shooting about four years ago after having sold off a previous accumulation to placate my thankfully ex-wife.

My new wife, who had never been exposed to a person with a BP shooting habit asked me (upon the purchase of my tenth revolver) how many pistols I thought I might need. I did not know how to answer the question and I did not know how to explain why I did not know how to answer the question.

I am up to forty shooting revolvers plus three which are on the bench. I still look for specimens I don't have three of. I still look for deals I can't pass up.

And I am subject (as I think we all are) to the "DTAPP" syndrome. Under the DTAPP syndrome if you are looking at a million photos of a given revolver model, (1860 Colt for example) when you see the million and first photo, you still say "Dang, Thats A Purdy Pistol"

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