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I lave a love hate relationship with a month old Hornady LNL -w- case feeder.

When it works I love it. But you have to constantly tinker with it to keep it working.

If you are looking for something that works out of the box I understand Dillon is the way to go.

If you like to tinker, polish, buff, sand and create/search for mods go with the Hornady LNL AP. Even better for the tinkerers out there go with the Lee Loadmaster and buy some consumables with all the $$$ you will save.

And yes I keep the press CLEAN, am mechanically inclined and pay attention to detail.

To their credit Hornady CS is top notch and sent parts that were needed in a timely manner. I however would rather have a reliable press with top notch CS that doesn't get used rather than a press with poor QC that requires me to find out how good the CS really is.

My bottom line on the Hornady LNL AP is it is a very well engineered press that is easy to learn and use. The CS is excellent but the problems are all caused by POOR QUALITY CONTROL from the factory.

YMMV, good luck.
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