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the 1700.00 rifle

Oh ya, I sent him a response email, trying not to say something I would really regret I just asked what was going through his head. He didn't tell me he paid $400.00 more than the gun was worth when I was talking to him about buying it, it was only after I passed up the "offer" and I just said: this is how you treat your younger brother, who doesn't know alot about AR's and you wanted to pass your loss onto me and make a profit!!!! The brother that has an illness that ruined his marriage and who is on a fixed income? I don't know how you justify that to yourself, your my brother, of course I will allways love you, your family came to me in times of need and I will never forget that, but I will also never forget this.
anyway, that's over, I went ahead and became a member at bud's, after careful consideration and advice from "TOTAL STRANGERS" who I trust mor than my own Got dang brother!!!! anyway, I allmost sent him a check, If you guys hadn't come back to me he'd be laughin all the way to the bank! I'm excited now, getting a real Bushmaster AR-15 comes with the red dot and top picitinni rail, I think they said a 30 round mag, or I can order one with it for a good price. Oh, Someone mentioned the MagPul? I'm not sure what that is. and I know about the charging, or bolt release handle to chamber a round, but what is that other "button just behind the trigger for? someone explained it to me but I forgot.
again, thank you guys.
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