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It is difficult to find a rifle on the market today that is not serviceable and accurate. That said we all have our pets, and peeves.

I require a rifle with a solid bolt and integral recoil lug. Of those models on your list the Thompson, Ruger, Howa, Marlin, and Vanguard are solid and integral. All the others have bolts that are either fused alloy, honeycombed, or pinned. I'm not saying that with modern materials and design that these aren't as strong as they need to be. I'm just a little old fashioned. I wonder what Peter Paul Mauser or John Moses Browning would say if you handed them a Tikka or MDL 700?

Any of the rifles you noted would IMO serve you well. Go and try to handle some, but which ever you choose practice and really learn to shoot it. Good luck.
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