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I can only speak of my next door neighbor's experience. He was convicted of Agravated Assualy (5 counts) for stopping a bunch of punks from stealing his neighbor's Mercedes. Turns out one of the investigating sheriff's deputie was the Uncle of one of the perps. They wee hispanic. The prosecutor was Hispanic as was the judge and finer railroad job I've never seen.
Anyway, he was convicted but didn't go to prison, just serious probation and at the end of his term, he petitioned the court for restoration of his civil rights which was granted.
He was wondering what he had to do when filing out the 4473 form when purchasing a firearm so we called the BATFE off and were told that if the rights had been restored, to answer NO where it asked about a conviction.
Arizona even allows convicted felons who have had their right restored or their crime expunged to get a CCW permit. He just got his about three months ago. Dunno how many other states would do this.
I doubt they would be this lenient on something like this for say a repeat offender but for someone on a first offense? I think it's only fair.
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