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A baby can get a FOID card if his or her parents fill it out and sign - this is stipulated in the regs.

The gentleman at the gun store also said that if i am caught driving with the gun(even to the range) that i would be in a lot of trouble(he did not specify)..
This depends. If you have it on you, or on a seat - yes you're going to be in trouble if you get caught. If you have it in the trunk of your car or otherwise locked up - no you won't be. There is some gray area over what consitutes being locked up - but an Indiana man won a case where his firearm was in the center console / arm rest of his car.

What kind of trouble will you get in if you're driving around with a firearm immediately accessible in the same cab area / compartment (not in a separate compartment?

It's spelled out here:

But basically the first time you will be charged with a Class A misdemeanor. But more importantly you will probably never be issued an Illinois CCW if we ever get CC. The second time you get caught with a firearm in the passenger compartment though it becomes a Class X felony.

It's not true you can't "have" a gun. There are plenty of youngsters all over Illinois who "have" guns. They shoot at 4H meets and NRA Junior competitions... But they don't walk around or drive around with their guns. The guns go from home to the range or from home to the field in the case of hunting usually in cases in the tunks or rear comparmtnets of their vehicles.

You have to read this stuff OK?

If you have some specific question on stuff that is not clear to you go to Illnois carry forum:

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