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Two charged with Chicago officer's murder,2214257.story

I don't think we'll know exactly what happened until the video is released to the public, but the story says

Lewis was off-duty from his police job and working security when two masked robbers burst into M&M Quick Foods at 1201 N. Austin Blvd., opened fire with a gun — akin to a TEC-9 — and fatally wounded him, police said.
That makes me think they just burst in and opened fire (like the title of this thread) But the story also says:
Lewis drew and fired his weapon, according to police,

Here is a seperate report that says that Officer Lewis was not the intended target of the attack, but

The gunman opened the door to the store using his coat, so as not to leave fingerprints, according to the source. The shooter then walked directly up to the counter where Lewis was standing, raised a TEC-9 and shot Lewis once in the head and twice in the chest. The suspect jumped the counter and fired two more bullets into Lewis before taking his badge and gun, then fleed

So if he fired his weapon it must have been while the robber was "walking" up to the counter?

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