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Questions about Belgium Browning SA22's...

I have three different Belgium made Browning 22s. One I know is a grade 1. The other two are either grade 2 or 3. I would like to know how I can tell the difference as I am trying to determine a value on the guns.

The Grade 1 has no serial numbers that I can find on the barrel but does have the wheel sight. On the butt I found the serial T84588. I also have the original box for it which I know is quite rare in itself.

The other two are either grade 2 or 3 in Browning made Leather cases. Both of the cases have keyed locks and the keys are present. I found the serial numbers on both of these on the underside of the barrel.

Serial number 7T59102 has provisions for scope both on the gun and in the case. The scope is a Browning 4X serial E19730.

Serial number 8T80186 has the Owner's handbook with it. Their is a provivsion in the case that it fits perfectly as well.

Any help on determining the grade or value would be greatly appreciated.

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