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Stupid Illinois again...

Okay! I am twenty years old. I live in "Ill-Annoy". Yesterday my father purchased a handgun that he is going to give me as a gift.(Sig sauer SP2022 and i am very excited!) But the man at the gun store said that a person under 21 is not allowed to own or be in possession of a handgun. I was always told that being under 21 only meant that you could not buy a gun from an FFL dealer. That you could own one, and that it was legal to buy one privately. The gentleman at the gun store also said that if i am caught driving with the gun(even to the range) that i would be in a lot of trouble(he did not specify)..

So my question is!
What exactly are Illinois laws on people under 21 and handguns? I have looked around a bit but cant find anything concrete..

Thanks all!
The only thing that Illinois is doing is stopping law abiding citizens from having guns to protect themselves from the criminals that dont care if its illegal.
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