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If this federal bill passes, the really interesting case is Illinois.

That state claims to have no CCW system, therefore they skip the whole "let visitors pack" thing.

Except they're lying. IL *does* have a CCW system - the most elitist, restrictive in the nation.

All you have to do is get elected to high office, such as a Chicago City Alderman, and you get what they *claim* is a "law enforcement power" to pack.

Except they're lying about that too. Check the IL constitution - go find it, and search on the word "separation". Yup - just like the federal constitution, there's a separation of powers clause that says you cannot be both legislative and executive branch.

Alderman is legislative, at a local level of government. So they're packing on a CCW system.

So, if this passes, yeah, we'll be able to pack in IL assuming we're willing to challenge their fraudulent "no CCW here" claims.
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