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I've only shot a few of the guns you've listed. Consider doing a site search for each here.

Savage Stevens 200 A good solid no frills rifle.

Marlin 336 A very good platform for the .30-30. Given that you say you're recoil sensitive, this is the .30-30 for you.

Remington 700 Lots of different variations to the 700. As Allen J mentiond, it's the chevy small block of rifles.

CZ 550 Very well made and can be had in the excellent 6.5x55

Savage 10/11/12/16/17/110/111 (omg what is the difference?) Well they're all different guns. The basic hunting rifle is the Model 10. It's usually sold as a package with a low end scope. The Savage is really popular on this forum. I have liked every one that I've had a chance to shoot. But that's pretty much true of every rifle I've shot.

It is harder to find a bad rifle than a good one. Most rifles are more accurate than the people who shoot them.

Possibly the most important thing is how a rifle fits. How naturally the sights line up when you put your cheek to the stock. How it balances in your hands. How comfortable it is to swing from one point of aim to another.

Try as many as you can on for size. Have fun.
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