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My brother has allways done this kinda crap his hole life. He buys a new car for say 15,000. he puts 50.000 miles on it and some new tires and tries to sell it for what he bought it. I though because I was family if would be different. I saw that one at Buds it looks way better than the one he has, I will see if I can insert a picture: I don't know exactlly how to do that unless I go to my mediashare site and I don't know if I have it loaded on there or not, it doesn NOT look as good as the one from buds,, it doesn't have the dust cover on it, it doesn't have a Picitinni rail on the front, ya, I'm really glad I ran that buy you. Do you know if I buy the one from bud's what it involves, I'm guessing it has to be sent to an FFL in my state, which is about $45.00 then shipping. I guess I can check myself, to think, I allmost sent a check for 500 off to him to. What a jerk. that's one reason why I have never been very close with my brother, he is a liar and a cheat.
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