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rifles in Alabama

Here's some thoughts from upstate from you.

I've shot a Mosin a bit, and thought the thing kicked like a mule. Much had to do with the ammo, heavy ball. I did not care for it, but we shot a bunch from that old rifle that day.

The calibers you list are pretty diverse. You mention a rifle for use out of state after graduation and that makes me think bigger game and out west. That rules out the .30-30 and the .243 since you list better options. The 25-06 too, as it kinda of stops at the bullet weights one likely wants to start at in an elk and big muley rifle.

That leaves the 7-08 and the .270. I have never owned or shot a 7-08 but like the short action rifles and am a fan of its big brother, the .308. (another good choice BTW) The .270 has a heck of a reputation as a versatile cartridge and is fast and flat with its best bullet weights.

Plus one on all comments on reloading and practical practice.
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