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Got my first buck on the week before Christmas. I had been trying for over 2 years. I had a terrible case of buck fever that helped me to miss two previous shots during the past seasons. This guy wandered out onto a senderro about 170 yards from my blind, immediately my heart started pounding and i got all shakey. I lined up on him tried my best to follow the fundementals and pulled the trigger. My handloaded 30-06 round with a 165 gr. sierra boat tail hollowpoint and 52.5 grains of IMR 4350 headed straight for him.

I am somewhat inexperienced with hunting so I couldn't tell if I had hit him or not I thought I did, but then again I had missed twice before already. He bolted as soon as i shot I inspected the site where i shot him and no blood, i was already feeling terrible. I followed his tracks into the brush for about 50 yards with no luck. I called out to my girlfriend that i had missed again, on my way back to the road i took a left turn by chance and came around a line of brush. And lo and behold there was my buck a 10 pointer.

After dressing him I made an interesting discovery, this buck was very old at least 8 years he had pretty much no teeth left. 2 years ago I shot at and missed a large 10 pointer very nice rack he was in his prime. I think that the deer I killed could very well be the same buck just older and past his prime, also the drought we had this year couldn't of helped.
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