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I guess I should consider having lived a charmed life as I have never had a chain fire after about 25,000 caps busted in about 30 different guns. However, I am anal and use both a lube wad AND over ball grease. It's a little more messy but the fouling stays soft and I just lay a small bead around each ball with a curved tip irrigation syringe. I do not fill the whole rest of the chamber with grease which would be real messy since it gets blown away by the adjacent chamber when fired. I do fill the first chamber to insure the bore gets a good swath of grease. BUT(!), I use cheap, rotgut AUTOMOTIVE(!) grease over the ball and no problems 'cause it stays soft in the cold and doesn't run in the heat. The wads are soaked in a mix of deer tallow, beeswax & olive oil. I get more mess on my hands from putting in the wads than from the grease.
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