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You did not mention what you will be hunting, what conditions will you hunt under and limitations which may be placed on you by the applicable fish and game regulations. You also need to assess your limitations based on what you can handle.

Until you answer these basic questions you cannot decide on which rifle and caliber you need.

I would recommend that you chose a rifle which fits you physcially. Is comfortable to shoot. Availablity of ammo is a consideration. Variety of loads is not so much. I knew a WWI vet who shot his 03 springfield with 180 grain bullets all his life. He routinely knocked down jack rabbits on the run at 100 yards.

My son killed a spike buck in WV open sights stock enfield at 175 yds.

My point is select the rifle which best suits you. Also don't ignore used weapons.

Now with all that advice don't over look a 257 Roberts. It is an awesome round but it will require you to advance to the next level and start reloading. I find a great deal of satisfaction when I take a Prarie Dog or Coyote with my 722 Remington with its List Barrell and old Weaver K12 scope shooting my on reloads.

A neat rifle which is often over looked is the Remington Model 600. It is short barrelled but in 308 it will take just about anything in AZ.
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