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If you are looking at Buds Website the best gun for the money is this

At $705 this is a lot of gun. If that is too expensive here is the same gun in a cheaper stock for $579.

If you like stainless on walnut this is the only option I know of.

The Ruger is my 2nd choice. They are good, but the Winchester is better, for just a little more.

Wood/blue vs synthetic/stainless. Are you going to look at it or use it? I use my guns hard in harsh conditions and have had too many problems with wood. I use QUALITY synthetics on all my serious hunting rifles. Stainless is a little easier to keep than blue, but a blued gun will not fail on you in the field leaving you with a useless stick to hunt with like a wood stock can. I prefer stainless/synthetic, but blue/synthetic is not a bad option.

This would be about as ideal as it gets for me in the perfect all around hunting rifle.

But if on a more limited budget I could be very happy with the synthetic/blue model for $579 and add a quality sythetic from McMillan or one of the better stock makers later as I got the money.
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