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James K
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Savage made that .22 autoloader under the Savage, Springfield and Stevens names in a bewildering variety of model numbers - 6, 7, 76, 87, and letter variations.

Don't blame CIL for the problem, as CIL probably didn't make the guns. Because of Canadian customs laws, several U.S. companies had marketing arrangements where they marked guns with a Canadian company name for sale in Canada. Mostly, the Canadian "manufacturers" might handle U.S. guns as a sideline or be nothing more than an office and a warehouse.

The problem here is that even if a U.S. parts company has the part, they won't ship to a foreign country if the part is on the restricted list. Check with the company before sending money.

FWIW, and in my opinion, those semi-auto rifles were, to be blunt about it, junk. Some of them must have worked, as Savage sold a bunch of them, but I fixed (or tried to fix) so many of them that I got to really hate the d****d things. No matter what the original problem was, it was no sooner fixed than something else broke.

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