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Some posts can be rather irriating.

If a car pulls in front of you, stops, and men with guns get out, I find it interesting that you would't feel your life is in danger at that very moment. It ceased to be a "property" issue very quickly.

Getting out of your car as fast as they do and engaging, or being prepared to engage, the suspects wouldn't be about shooting some one over your car. It would be about your life.

You may consider that your chances of surviving are better if you comply like a Lemming. I'd be afraid they wouldn't leave me alive so I could get on my cell phone and get the police involved. Wouldn't be much sense in stealing your car if they were going to let that happen.

Obviously, if you didn't see it coming, and are that far behind the curve, then compliance may be your only option. Then you have nothing to say about whether you live or die---unless you consider begging for your life a say in the matter.

Just my thoughts on the matter.
Yes. I agree. Thank you!
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