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DNS, it's way too early to engage in a urinary Olympiad on this.

So you don't seek locations that offer the best price on anything?
Sure I seek the best prices, but you are shopping at Cabela's and so I know you aren't talking about getting the best prices. You are upset that Cabela's isn't giving you a discount and talking about how other places are, as if to suggest that a 10% discount means getting the best price. That isn't the same thing as getting the best price. 10% of a bunch of things at Cabela's or Bass Pro is still 1-20% more than getting it many other places.

We go to Cabela's several times a year. My kids like to show up for the feeding of the fish and to look at the mounts around the store. Then we walk around and look at all the cool stuff. We then go home and do a little internet shopping and PRESTO we save a lot more money than any 10% discount. A lot of their items can be had through Amazon and qualify for free shipping. Free shipping and no sales tax is 8% off right there, and sense Amazon has numerous vendors, often the price will be lower as well. Sportsmans Guide also offers many of the products carried by Cabela's and Bass Pro and if you join the little club, you get an additional discount. If you buy ammo like I do, the fee for joining the club is made up for with the first ammo purchase as compared to buying at Cabela's or Bass Pro.

So a 10% discount because you are a veteran sounds really cool and helpful and respectful of your service, but don't be duped into believing that you are getting the best price. Chances are, you aren't.
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