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Macho BS to impress ladies has no place in the firearms field.
Ditto that, and might I add alcohol is another no-no when handling firearms.

I had a buddy that had a few drinks before going out to dinner with his wife. The babysitter showed up and my buddy decided to show her (read show off) where his handgun was stashed "in case she needed it". This is a bad idea sober, let alone after knocking a few back, I would never tell another person, especially an untrained person, where my guns are and to grab one in case of trouble. He pulls his Beretta 92 down from the top of the closet, with a loaded mag, and goes to cycle the slide to show her it is unloaded, and reflexively tightens his hand which is on the grip including his trigger finger which he had drunkenly rested on the trigger. BANG! There was one in the chamber. Thankfully he had it pointed down towards his bed. The bullet went through the bed, through the floor, hit the top of his wife's china hutch, exited out the side of the hutch (didn't break any china or the glass in the hutch doors or he would probably not be alive today, his wife would have killed him.) and lodged in the hardwood floor. With his ears ringing and his face bright red with embarrassment, he unloaded the gun and put it back in his closet with out saying another word.
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