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No matter who it is, the cirumstances, the time of day, the reason, the level of experience, whatever... if I hand someody a gun for any reason, I will remove magazine, lock back slide, open cylinder, engage safety, check breech, and completely clear the weapon before I hand it to them by the barrel with the gun pointed away from us and at the ground.

The only reason I can see for not following this simple bit of overcautiousness is if you're experiencing a problem with the weapon that you can't fix. In that case, you should set it down pointed away and allow them to pick it up rather than handing it to them. Of course opinions will differ, and there are always circumstances that prudence or common sense will dictate a change in your procedure, but I've never shot myself or anybody else following my little habits.

I always see people handing loaded and chambered weapons back and forth to each other at the range taking turns shooting... it's only a matter of time.

If it's somebody unfamiliar with firearms, I'll review the 3-cardinal rules, and I'll explain everything I'm doing with the gun and why it's important. Then I'll hand it to them and give whatever explanation is appropriate. But I try to do this in a way that isn't imtimidating to them or is going to make them any more nervous than they probably already are. A persons first gun-handling experience can be the one that wins them over or scares them away forever.

Some people aren't near as cautious as I am, but some people also shoot themselves in the head showing off for some random piece of tail.
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