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Where/How do you show your firearms?

Police: Navy SEAL accidentally shoots self

Long story short, the guy in the article above was trying to impress a girl he met at the club by showing off his gun, ends up POINTING IT AT HIS HEAD and well... you can read the rest...

I know big thing here is that alcohol had a lot to do with it.
But I have found n on the not all too rare occasion while at one of the LGS looking at potential buys or "just browsing" and I look up to see someone pointing a gun in someone's, sometimes my, direction trying to get a feel for it.

I have asked to see or hold guns before and usually point down at the floor or at one of the "target walls" the gun shop has set up.

I have a few shooter friends and always drop/clear/check& re-check before handing a gun to someone... most of them re-check when they take it... and living inside the city we don't point it in any direction other than down ( live in a house with no downstairs, so no downstairs neighbor) NEVER AT OUR HEAD mind you...

so what do you do when you show a gun when you are at home?
If you have company over or a friend and want to show your new piece?
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