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I swear, sometimes TV does rot the brain. Those dumbarse TV shows make it sound as if the Hogs are going to take over and kill us all. Maybe that's what all this Zombie junk is over, only its the pigs. The only time I have ever seen a pig try to attack a person is when it was cornered, had dogs chewing on it and had NO other option, BTW it got killed in short order.

99.99999999999999% of the time they'll run if they even get a whiff of you, not stalk you down with design on eating your guts after they rip them open with their 9" razor sharp tusks. Why do you think they are such nocturnal animals? It gets them away from people.

If you want to hunt them, put out some corn, sit and wait. Or find someone with dogs and go stick one. Man drive them and let em have buckshot. As for hiking, a PC gun or anything you carry can ward off the evil feral hog. Honestly, when was the last time you heard the lead in on a news program that lead with "Topping our new to night is a grim story about a roving band of feral hogs that have murdered and eaten a man in.........."? If you want to continue to believe the TV shows, I got bullet/tusk/nuclear fallout proof tin foil hats for sale, only $300.00 each.
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