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If a non-resident permit will work in NYC, then there will be more Utah permits for NYC residents than in Utah.....

NYC and the Port Authority have also refiused to recognize FOPA.
They have been warned by the US Justice Dept. a number of times.
If the Feudal Lords of NYC have ignored FOPA (since 1986) and LEOSA (since 2004?) ..... just what makes anybody think anything passed/ruled on in Washington DC will mean anything? Short of throwing some of them in a Fed pen (yeah, like that's gonna happen!)?

It is the beginning of the end, friends, when the .gov is enforcing it's laws based on how easily the lawbreakers are to convince that they need to folow the law..... when the Public sees that they can ignore the law and get away with it just by sheer determination ...... that's the end of Civil Government.
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