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Originally Posted by Spats McGee
I don't have the text of the bill in front of me, but I think the answer is, "no." As I recall, the bill contains language to the effect of "other than a resident." So a NYC resident would still have to get a NYC permit, but someone with an out-of-state residence & permit could CCW.
I don't think HR 822 would require a NYC resident to get a NYC permit -- but there's no other way for a NYC resident to get a NYS permit, so it's a circular argument. But the original question was about carrying in NYC with a non-resident permit from another state. I didn't catch on that the question was seeking a loophole for NYC residents. Either way, as I read the text of the proposed law it was based on having a valid home state permit, so a non-wesident permit from some place like Florida or Utah would not help a NYC resident OR a Chicago resident to carry in NYC.

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