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Really? Just exactly what study was this? Please provide a link or actual citation to these data.
I am still looking through the BHO website. They have lots of crime data in many studies. None seem to provide the data reported in Gunfacts which doesn't cite the actual name of the report or when it was conducted. This is rather odd given that the BHO site has so many entitled and dated articles on crime. It is almost as if the information was made up by Gunfacts and then attributed vaguely to BHO in a way by which the information cannot be readily found. You would think if such supporting information did exist in a study by the BHO, then Gunfacts would be quick to provide a proper referenceable citation (title, year, author, etc.) as they do this for several of their other sources.

Every place I have found this information on the internet attributes the data to the BHO, but is in the same form as Gunfacts. In other words, nobody else has seen this supposed study and are just copy and pasting the information from Gunfacts.
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