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They're around in a few places but they're not nearly as common as some folks seem to believe.

I've heard for years that they're "over in Scott", which is about 2 miles from my fathers camp and is the village where my mother now lives. Neither them nor I have ever seen a single pig.

I do know one guy who works with a guy who has a hog head mounted in his office. He says he got it "over around Scott". I believe him but seeing that he's the only one I've ever known about for sure, there can't be too many.

Given the rate that these things multiple, it's hard for me to imagine that they're over there at all since I have for a couple decades heard "they're just over the next valley there." I know our winters will keep their numbers from growing as fast as they do in the southern states but it shouldn't take them 20 years to get across a valley.

I've certainly never heard of the local variety hurting anyone, though I have no doubt they could/would under the right circumstances. If I were going somewhere that I might find pigs, I'd take a rifle. Not for the danger aspect but so I could shoot one farther than.... 20 feet?... that a 45acp would allow.
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