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wild boar in upstate NY ?

I haven't hunted in years, so I'm apparently out of the loop. Recently I came across an article that dozens of wild boar have been trapped in the county I live in. I've read many times about how destructive and aggressive these hogs are and since we do quite abit of fishing, hiking, backpacking locally I'm a bit concerned. So I'd like to ask you southern folks with experience a couple questions as I have no experience with this animal.
NYSDEC classifies them as invasive and may be taken at any time with a small game license. My plan so far is to scout our favorite fishing,hiking spots in early spring for any sign of them. Normally I'd carry a handgun, but my choices would be either a .40 or .45acp autoloader. Am I correct in the belief that neither of these would be quite enough? I'm thinking of bringing along my .30-30 Trapper in a back scabbard instead. Does this seem to make sense or am I overly worried?
My son, girlfriend, or both are usually along as well so I have to consider their safety too.
I'd appreciate your thoughts, thanks
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