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When do you resist? There are a lot of possible responses.
Ideally, you remain compliant so long as it is beneficial to do so. A lot of folks are of the impression that they must resist as soon as possible which may result in premature hostilities.

Resistence takes all forms, however, not all of which are direct. One of my favorite attempted robberies happened back around 2002. What was posted was a series of photographs from an ATM machine at night where a guy had walked up to get money. In the background you see two guys approaching and one apparently has a gun. A couple of frames later, they are about 10 feet behind the guy and have apparently said something because the intended victims facial expression has changed. Next frame, intended victim with the bad guys are close, maybe 5 feet behind the guy. Next frame...two bad guys both looking stage left. One has a gun drawn and the other has some sort of weapon, but isn't clear in the image as to what it was.

The intended victim simply bolted from the situation. The bad guys got the money that had been dispensed by the machine, but the guy apparently hit CANCEL before he bolted and they were unable to extract additional money despite having his card. They tried and because of the photographs were eventually caught. The victim's money was insured.

Actually, according to a study done by the British Home Office (not exactly a pro-gun institution) “you are far more likely to survive a violent assault if you defend yourself with a gun.”
Really? Just exactly what study was this? Please provide a link or actual citation to these data.
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