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Carry in NYC under H.R. 882?

Just have a question about H.R. 882 (The national reciprocity bill)

As many may know, N.Y.C. technically allows CCW to anyone who holds a NYC Carry Permit (which is separate from a NYS carry permit, which is not valid in NYC) However, as far as the government is concerned, noone has a "good reason" to get the permit, making it effectively a ban in anything but name.

Now from what I understand, certain states issue Non-Resident Permits to people who do not actually reside in that state. Under H.R. 882 since all permits would be valid anywhere in the country where CCW is allowed (which is in NYC technically) Could a NYC resident get a Non-Resident Permit from a different state and use it to carry in NYC?

Would be an interesting way to stick it to Bloomy.
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