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Ist time for everything


While hunting opening day on my friend's farm, as usual (unbelievable finger of woods between 2 fields) here comes what I think is a doe across the bean field headed straight for me.

I am sitting on a log as I acquired an inability to feel safe in tree stands a few years back (I am 60 years old).

I position myself to intercept this "doe" and when she is within 20 yards I cut loose with my SKS paratrooper and "she" flops down.

Much to my surprise she regains her front feet and begins to crawl downhill, back towards the bean field.

Bang, bang . . . MISSES!!!!!!!!!!

"She" crawls out of sight and I wait about half hour and trail.

I find "her" still alive and approach to with 10 yards and aim for head shot.


I get right up on "her" and finally finish the job.

Come to find out my peep sight on the carbine had become somehow seriously loose and the doe was a button buck.

That is the first time anything like that happened to me.

My first shot hit the deer in the spine. I was aiming for the heart-lung area.

Lucky I hit it at all.

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