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Interesting question.
I have no idea what I would do. That being said......
Some of you are telling us that you have been robbed several times and complied each time. Seems to me you have simply encouraged the BG to continue his chosen profession. So, if you do indeed fight back the next time, my questions is this.....WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG? Your original thought process was that your money wasn't worth his life and now it has changed. I know I'm sounding like a hard case but my wife has the same mentality. You see, she is Japanese and against guns. When I began getting interested in and purchasing guns, she did voice her oppinion (as a wife will do). I asked her one evening what she would do if I was away and someone broke into the house and was intent on doing the worst. She actually said she would rather they did whatever they wanted, she would/could never shoot someone. When I asked her what if our daughter was home at the time, she said maybe I needed to teach her how to use the pistols. She doesn't think she could do it but wants our daughter to be able to protect herself.
I understand that her feelings are a result of her culture, but we Americans have a different history. Whenever you allow the BG to do what he wants, he WILL do it again and again and again. It drives me nuts when I hear that it is a common practice to simply "comply" and then get on with your business. That is what they are counting on. I think the armed home robberies are down because the BG is afraid of an armed homeowner. But the armed robberies are up for business because they know noone will fight back. I understand the old saying "money isn't worth someones life", but we spend our entire lives trying to earn it. Why should we simply let some stranger walk in and take it away?
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