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National Match Springfield 1903

I was wondering if anyone here can help me with some info and a potential value of a 1924 National Match 1903 I picked up recently. The serial number and barrel date match to 1924. As far as I can tell most parts are original to the gun except for the trigger guard and floor plate which were replaced with a very ornate carved version and maybe the stock. According to my research "c" stocks were not used until 1928 and it has a curved but plate which was available as an option and I have not seen one on any other rifle. Possibly rare.? There is also a "P" proof on the stock. The bolt is un-numbered and stainless and appears to have been with the rifle a long time. There is a "JS" stamped on it also. Someone at some point a long time ago also sweetened the action to a butter like state. It is the smoothest action I have ever handled. The one real curiosity of this rifle is the cocking piece is missing/flat. I have read that they were made that way but I have only ever seen 1 other example through tons of online searching. I am guessing it is a very rare variation. The bore I would rate about a 6 due to some pitting but there is a lot of rifling left. Possibly a victim of corrosive ammo and poor maintenance.
That's about all I have been able to find out so I was hoping someone here might have some insight for me. I'd appreciate any info.
Thanks Steve
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