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Originally Posted by zenner22
Here are some thoughts. When we are pie-ing a room with a flashlight, how is that not giving away your position when you have a flashlight?
OK, let's think this through. We are entering a room and "pieing" the room to clear the corners. That room is so dark that we can't use ambient light and dark adapted eyes to identify where a person might be or move, so an external light is necessary.

Now, unless the room/hallway I am exiting happens to be even darker still, I am going to be backlit as I move through the doorway. Even in relative darkness, I will stand out clearly to someone in the room. So is it better for the person in that room to see me; but I don't see him? Or is better for me to turn on a little can of sunshine as I move through that door that will cause his pupils to constrict and allow me to see into the darker room as well?

And yes, even in good conditions, clearing a house is dangerous. Even more in low-light. That is why people who do it for a living tend to have long guns, body armor, flashlights and friends with all of those things.

However, mostly you are describing poor tactics in using light as a reason not to use a light. A better approach is to get some formal training in when and how to use a light, and then use it that way.
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