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Originally Posted by zincwarrior
If police have access to police ranges, why would they be expected to know where private ranges are? Why would they care?
I've been a cop for thirty years. As an old fat man, I'm way beyond my SWAT days, although I worked with a team for several years in the '80s. I care where the private ranges are because I shoot more than the average cop and like to stay current on a variety of weapons types. Many times I'll drive out to the agency range and it's booked for training. I know where the private or public range are so that I don't waste time looking for a place to shoot.

It's true that most cops aren't shooters. Shooters take time, make time to stay proficient, spending their own money to buy ammo, or make ammo to stay proficient on the firearms they might have to use.

We did some live-fire scenarios in a shoot house last summer, and I don't recall looking at the front sight. I'm sure that I took a flash picture, but I don't consciously remember looking at the front sight. All my shots were in the K8 ring or better, so my game was hot that day, but I honestly don't remember looking at the sights.
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