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CMP has M1s, which every American should own.

M1 carbines are still around, but more expensive, as are 1903s and 1917s.

Soviet Mosins are the cheapest and widely available.

Finn Mosins are generally better rifles, but not as common and more expensive.

Swiss rifles have pretty much dried up.

For Mausers,
JG Has Yugo 24/47s (straight bolt) for $200-$220
SOG has the same rifle for $195, and Yugo M48 (bent bolt) for $270 and Czech VZ-24 7MM for 160. (looks kind of rough, may need stock repairs)

Samco has a few options in Yugo 24/47s, including one option with a bent bolt for $190-220, some Swedes and Persians, and Spanish Mausers converted to .308 (which I personally wouldn't own, it is a small ring action and marginal for .308)

Sarco had Yugo 24/47 and M48 for $145, and Yugo reworked German K98s for 160 in their Shotgun News ad from November, no idea if they still have them.

There are still some RC German Mausers around, but the prices have gone up. If you just want a Shooter, RGUNS sells a K98 Barreled action and stock for a little over $300. Some assembly required.
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