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Reading this is got me on edge. We had a cougar on our hunting land the whole week of gun deer hunting (central Wisconsin!). One of the guys had a close encounter with it walking to his stand in the dark. Snarling and growling. He couldn't get in his blind fast enough! And we have wolves. Another guy got to his stand in the dark and got settled in and a wolf started howling 30-40 yards away!

And the story about the guy having a beer on the porch and the cat was stalking him blew me away.

When the others aren't hunting and I have to walk into the woods alone at 5:00 a.m. in the dark with a little flashlight in my hand, loaded backpack and rifle on my back I'm a nervous wreck. It's almost a mile through rolling hills oak woods and there are a million "ambush" points along the way.
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