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Thank you for the advice, sir...

Mr motorhead0922

When you enter the US, and go through customs, you will be asked the nature of your visit. Do NOT state that you are here to learn how to use guns. Tell them you ARE a tourist, on your way to Mt. Rushmore, or something of that nature.
I appreciate your advice.
Also, this and other posts have made me realize that it is leagally difficult for a non-US citizen to go to the US and take some course on firearms.
I understand a Japanese guy suddenly asking the way to get a firearms training makes some people nervous, so I appreciate some people make advice like this.
I welcome any advice or caution because the worst thing for me is to see my enthusiasm cause some huge leagal problem, not to see that there is no way to work it out.
If there is no way to work it out and I have to stay in the airsoft world, I will just do so, though it's tough for me.
That being said, I will do my best to make my plan work, so thanks again!
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