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I have a Turk 1954 ATF Mauser which is an Imperial GEW98 Mauser. It was re-worked by the Turks in 1954. It retains the origina Mauser two stage trigger and is a tack driver. I understand that the skeptics consider those to be slightly unsafe because when rebarrelling they removed some of the receiver threads, but there is no documentation of failures in them. You can find a quality German M98 action amongst the Turks, but there will be some of less quality out there also.

I was pretty sure Yugo 24/47 is a TRUE M98 action, the Yugo M48 is an intermediate between Small/large. I have a Yugo 24/47 in my safe and I am almost 100% certain it says Model 98 on the rec. I believe they were either G24's or VZ24's reworked by Yugoslavia in 1947. Honestly about the BEST M98 action you can find to build on is the VZ24.

I would assume th gunsmith will be able to say whether do-able or not before he starts.
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