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New Here but not new to shooting

My name is Jeff I am a Certified Texas DPS Concealed Handgun Instrustor, Certified NRA Instructor, (Soon to be Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunter Education Instructor) and FFL dealer. I'm also a competative Shooter as well as just a everyday shooter. most of the guns I shoot are pistols, I prefer to be up close and personal with targets but dont get me wrong I can hit targets at 600 yrds with my Weatherby 300 mag But I prefer pistol shooting. I love teaching others the shooting fundamentals and try my best to make it interesting as possible for my students but most of the classes I do the students gets alot of hands on time. my favorite caliber is my old cowboy guns chambered in 45LC love em alot but there is a new addition to my gun closet a Black powder 1847 44 cal Walker by Uberti. I use it alot especially when I am out in my pastures for the four legged varmints that roam out in the country lol its very accurate at 50yrds full size sillouett target I can hit the 10 ring with it its very heavy 4 1/2 lbs empty and can hold up to 60 grains of black powder. Love it... and also I broke down and bought a plastic gun ( never thought I would own one) springfield armory xd 40 I used it the other day in a charity shooting match gotta say I did like the way it shot. anyways Just wanted to say Hi and looking forward to have discussions on here. God Bless Our Troops and see ya around.

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