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Range???? I'm not sure its the Range, I think its more of an attitude.

Lets take the Cop Vs SWAT concept. Most SWAT guys shoot better then most cops.


Its Attitude. There are shooters and non shooters among cops. Some want to shoot, some don't. SWAT guys are volunteers, never heard of a department that forces cops into their SWAT programs.

Most SWAT volunteers come from the group of cops that are shooters. SWAT on the average are better shooters then the average cops, because SWAT is made up of officers who want to shoot.

Most departments have some sort of range for their officers. The cops who shoot these ranges regularly are going to be better shooters. If you have a non SWAT cop,who cares, he's gonna shoot. He's gonna be as good as the SWAT guys.

See where I'm going?

Here's an example, My son was a relatively new cop (fed cop) in Portland. I asked him to find a rifle range in the area. My grandson (his nephew) is in his Jr Year at Portland state on a ROTC scholarship. I wanted a range where I could work with my grandson in rifle shooting before the army got to him.

My son asked around his cop buddies and no one knew of a rifle range. So last fall I was in Portland, and like most gun people I check out the gun stores. I found stacks of flyer's from several rifle ranges and clubs around Portland that was offering Sight In Days for hunters. Yet none of the cops my son contacted knew of a range in the area. I found the ranges in short order.

If cops wont even try and find a range, how are they suppose to be able to practice.

So in short, I don't think its about the range, I people cant shoot because they wont put in the effort to find a range and practice.

My local club has about 300 members and an indoor and outdoor range. Right in town, easy to get to. No hassles what so ever for anyone who wants to shoot, BUT, except for a few days before hunting season, you go to the range you'll find you have the range pretty much to yourself.

People just don't care. The ones that do, will practice and train.

As to Sight vs No Sight shooting, that's another topic, I'll just say you need to practice both.
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