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I've also got that older version of the Primos Power Dog. I've called up some coyotes and bobcats with it, but when you crank it all the way up it sounds sort of 'tinny'. It would be better to have more call choices, like the new Power Dog and the Foxpro. I think, and I may be wrong, that by now the same sounds being played over and over and over have maybe alerted the coyotes rather than attracted them. I parked the Power Dog during deer season, and I'll try it out again in a couple of days. I'd rather have the Foxpro, but that's a lot more money. Before I spend that kind of money I'll spend more time trying to use the mouth calls (which I should be doing anyway). Based on actual performance, my best coyote call is a 3 day old dead pig. That really brings em in when the wind is right. And it doesn't need batteries.
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