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Paw Paw is correct, you have to test ammunition in your rifle. My factory barrel on my 10/22 preferred one brand of commercial. Match ammunition did not shoot any better than cheap stuff. Then I put on a Volquartsen barrel, which starts as a Walther blank.

That barrel clearly sorted out good from bad ammunition. Cheap stuff grouped just as large as in the Ruger factory, but good stuff shot within a dime at 50 yards.

As for match barrels, the best shooters test different lots of match 22LR. At Camp Perry, I met the 2010 Small Bore Prone Iron sights National Champ, Mr Kemp. With one lot of Red Box Eley, his rifle shot consistant 0.38" ten shot groups at 100 yards. That is amazing. To win the Nationals you have to spend big money sorting out different ammunition lots.

For the rest of us, I found match ammunition to give outstanding accuracy in match barrels and the stuff is quiet. Quiet is good as you don't scare the whole darn woods.

I would recommend you give SK Rifle Match a try. It is the lowest cost true match ammunition out there, it shoots very well, and it is quiet.
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