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K98 Help Please!

I bought a K98 (Yugo capture I think). And I was overlooking it recently because I was redoing the entire gun (yeah I know, I didnt sporterize it or anything, I just got the previous failed attempt to redo the stock that someone else, possibly the yugos did, out. it kinda looked like shellac, wasnt sure though. I found some more waffenamt stamps that im not sure what they mean. On the front sight base it has the eagle and "18" under it. same on the rear sight. Also has Waa63 on the rear sight base, and also on the firing pin.the outer part of the bolt has an eagle with "25" on it. the serial number match on the floor plate, reciever, and stock. what im basically asking is, is it possible most of this is original? or did the yugos restamp everything? also, since the eagle is on the front and back sight with 18, does that mean its the same barrel too? if so. what does the 18 mean? i know its a year, i just cant find what year. I'll post some pics too, because honestly where i live not many people know about these guns. i want to know how good i redid the gun.when i got it, it had a DARK red finish, could barely see the wood grain at all,looked terrible, and the barrel was 18 and this is my first try at redoing, well, anything. sorry about the bad layout of the thread, first thread ever.

Thanks guys!

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