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James K
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Hi, DougN,

Your gun is called the Safety Automatic* Revolver, Second Model Hammer Version, which was made from 1895 to 1908. If I understand the tables in the late Bill Goforth's book, that gun was made in 1904.

There were two relevant patents issued on March 13, 1888. The first was 379,225 to Iver Johnson and Andrew Fyrberg for the barrel latch on the revolver frame rather than on the top strap. The second, 379,227 was to the same people, and was for a second or safety trigger behind the trigger guard which had to be pulled upward to allow the primary trigger to move.

AFAIK, your gun has neither feature; it was common at one time for companies (not just gun companies) to "pile on" patent dates to impress the buyer and discourage imitators, so many products show patents that were not used on that item or not even used at all.

*Automatic in this case means automatic ejection of fired cases when the gun was opened, as opposed to the swing cylinder "hand ejector" revolvers made by S&W and Colt which required an additional manual action to eject the empty cases.

Jim K
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